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When most people start planning their holidays, special holidays abroad, they usually consult family members about places that like to see and where they’d like to go. When it comes to actual planning though, most people go as far as either talking to people who’ve already been abroad, especially for going to the country that they are planning a holiday in as well, or consult Google about the country in the hopes of finding the best attractions and the best places to go and see and stay. Is very rare that people actually go so far as to actually look for a tour operator for help when comes to planning the holidays. Tour operators like Cape Tours for instance.

There are literally hundreds of tour operators available in every country who is either willing or able (hopefully both) to help you plan your holiday itinerary, or even suggest a few holiday package options. Some, just like Cape Tours, will even go so far as to even help you customize your holiday package according to your own specific needs. For instance, let’s say you have older parents traveling with you, and you are coming from the states and you wish to visit South Africa. You also have three kids and wife, and one of your parents is an invalid to a degree. Naturally, these are be considered special requirements, that you would have a special needs package to take your ailing parent into consideration.

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SA tours with Cape Tours does indeed offer wide spectrum of packages and is very flexible with these packages, making your life as a traveler with extended family, and possible invalid, just that much easier. What they would do is go so far as to email you a list of all the best holiday accommodations that suits your needs, and will even go so far as to arrange a driver that will pick you up at your choice of accommodation and drop you off at the end of the day. The awesome thing about having a driver at your disposal is that if you are holidaying abroad, you not have the headaches all the hassles of worrying about how to get around, which would mean acquiring a GPS device and learning how to use it for the country you are visiting, hiring a vehicle big enough for the family (and then of course taking into account you invalid parent and his or her possible wheelchair or walker), bearing in mind of course the cost of such a vehicle, and then to meander your way around the country you do not know, possibly driving on the opposite side of the road which of course you are not accustomed to, negotiating traffic and finding parking, just to name a few of the obstacles that using a tour operator would make obsolete.

Of course your tour guide (and your chosen tour operator) and would go so far even to help you with a wide selection of places to see that could be of interest to not just you and your wife, but your children and your parents as well, but also the accessibility of these places. The tour guides are especially well trained and extremely knowledgeable as they are local to the regions. Another point to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to use a tour guide or tour operators, is that they usually are as high as 15% cheaper than everybody else in the business. The best part about having to choose a guided tour style holiday, is the fact that all you need to do is be ready and at the front door when your driver arrives in the morning to collect you and your family. Oh yes and of course, do not forget your camera and spare batteries to take photographs of everything that you’re about to see.


Now, Cape Tours does indeed have another option for those who prefer to have some sort of “independence” while on their holidays. They do indeed offer a self-drive option as well as the guided tours. They may even go so far as to help you plan your self-drive holiday. Of course, choosing this option is a lot easier if you do not have an entire entourage of family to drag around a new city. Not having to worry about elderly parents or very young children, does make for a more comfortable and relaxing self-drive style holiday. And this is exactly why it is always best to research tour operators in the area that you want to visit in the country that you want to see in order to make a well-informed choice on what style of holiday would work best for your family.


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